Frequently Asked Questions

What is this site?

The purpose of this site is to help people find places to buy Blue Crabs (live or already steamed) in Maryland.

Of all things, what made you decide to build this?

I built this site because I love eating steamed crabs. Well, that's not the only reason. I was tired of all the work I had to do every time a got a taste for some crabs. I'd have to gather a bunch of phone numbers of places, call them, write down their prices, figure out where I was going to get them from, and then call back to place the order. This is an overly lengthy process, and to be quite honest I am very, very lazy. Being a software engineer, I often work really hard to be lazy. So with that I decided to learn the GoogleMaps API by building a site to help me find crabs a little easier when the mood strikes me.

Why isn't my business listed?

To get a list of Maryland businesses that sell steamed or live crabs, I started with all of the crab houses that are members of the Restaurant Association of Maryland. This is just a start...I know there a many more folks selling crabs in Maryland - both live and steamed. I encourage you to add your business to the map by clicking here.

How can I add my business to the site?

If you want to add your business to the map, it's easy: click here.

How can this site help my business?

Aha! Getting your business on the map isn't good enough eh? I agree. How would you like to:

  • Make your map pin stand out from the rest?
  • Provide online pricing?
  • Take orders online?
To find out how to increase your business leveraging this online service, click here.